Monday, March 4, 2013

Outline of First Term Paper

Laws of Physics in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
I.            Introduction
                        A. Introduce Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
                        B. Live action with CGI
C. Hypothesis/Thesis Statement: In the POTC: DMC world, the laws of physics are defied by pushing the limits of balance and weight, action and reaction, pressure and buoyancy.
II.             Balance and weight
                        A. Weight and balance are defied in numerous areas
                        B. Fighting on a turning wheel while keeping balance
                        C. Able to limb a mountain in a bone cage
                        D. Weights of wheel is greater then a human. Wheel falling on Jack
III.             Action and reaction
                        A. Force on objects is unrealistic
B. 6 crewmen manage to pull an enormous ship off the beach back into the ocean. Not enough force for acceleration
                        C. Fight in a Spinning wheel
                        D. The Craken attacking ships
IV.            Pressure and Buoyancy
A. Objects submerged, yet are not pushed upward due to pressure differences.
                        B. The flying Dutch man can submerge under water
                        C. Crew man can stay on the Dutchman without surfacing
                        D. Pressure does not appear to increase with depth
V.            Competing Hypothesis: Accurate Falling
                        A. Weightless when falling in the bone cage
                        B. Pendulum swing, snapping of the rope
                        C. Falling of the bone cage
VI.            Conclusion
                        A. Broken laws are made for comedic effect
B. Helps to make the magical aspects of the movie seem believable.
                        C. Makes movie more thrilling and exciting. 

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