Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Outline Second Term Paper

I             Introduction
                        A. Action-Reaction Principle
                        B. Thesis
II             A Goofy Movie
A. Scene: Goofy and Max are on vacation, Goofy is teaching Max how to fish.
B. Problems
1. Goofy jumps while standing in water. He is suspended in the air for an entire 26 frames.
2. Crouching is needed for jumping because it extends the time of contact for pushing off the ground
3. Jumping is done by pushing downward on the ground (action) so the ground pushes upward on you (reaction).
4. Goofy action is not equal to his reaction when he pushed himself out of the water and is suspended in the air for an unreasonable long time.
III             Crazy Stupid Love
A. Scene: There is a lot of pointing fingers and confusion happening, it’s the climax of the film.  Ryan Goslings character punches Kevin Bacon’s character.
B. Problems
1. One punching someone the action force on his face should occur simultaneously with the reaction on the fist.
2. It’s apparent that Goslings hand passes Bacons face first and then reacts
IV            How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Ron Howard)
A. Scene: The Grinch has a change of heart. Cindy Lu is in trouble, the sleigh full of everyone’s Christmas treasures is starting t fall off the cliff, and Cindy Lu is on it. In order to save her, The Grinch picks up the sled along with all the contents of every home in Whoville.
B. Problems           
1. The Grinch is the same height and body weight of an average human being.
2. Lifts a cart and pile of presents that way more than 10 times what he could realistically life.
V             Conclusion

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